Baked Butternut Squash Latkes Recipe (Gluten Free)

Whether fries or hash browns, fried potatoes have their own spot on the Mt. Rushmore of all things favorite foods. Case in point, the potato pancake is a classic European delicacy that have a wide range of prep and variations to it to make it quite an icon in its own right. For this recipe by Perspective Portions, they’re adding a twist to things with these baked butternut squash latkes.

Per Ariella Nelson of Perspective Portions:

This recipe combines butternut squash with nutritional yeast to make a delicious new latke combination.

What’s great about this recipe is that you do not need to portion and fry them in batches to cook. You can either bake individual butternut squash patties or form the entire recipe into one very large latke.

Ariella Nelson, Perspective Portions

A simple cooking process of cooking gluten free butternut squash will still bring about the nostalgia of a delicious fritter, minus all the added guilt and calories!

Baked Butternut Squash Latkes
Yield: Serving size varies

Baked Butternut Squash Latkes Recipe (Gluten Free)

Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 1 hour 5 minutes
Total Time: 1 hour 15 minutes

Photo: Mychko Alexander


  • butternut squash
  • onion
  • egg
  • oil
  • oat flour
  • nutritional yeast
  • ground black pepper

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