Tropical Spice Blueberry Fruit Salsa

Blueberries, allspice, and red pepper comprise this tropical spice blueberry fruit salsa that’ll be sure to provide a tasty kick to your palate. The combination of crisp berry taste with the kick from the allspice and red pepper brings together a delicious sweet heat that’s a perfect starter to any dish.

When was the last time you had a spicy fruit salsa? While it does sound unusual to think of, this fruity take on traditional salsa is one to be desired. Combining blueberries and other fruit, along with dashes of allspice, red pepper and black pepper add just enough heat to give you an added kick in every bite.

Of course this is a perfect starter to be coupled with Mexican and other Hispanic fare. In addition it’s also a perfect appetizer to barbecue, healthy grilled dishes and other light meals as a compliment side.

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